Thai Massage Explained


Try Thai Massage… Restore the flow of energy through the body, increase flexibility, range of motion, athletic performance, mental clarity and energy levels.

This is a body work technique that derives from Asia. The practitioner uses a floor mat, props and pillows to make sure the receiver is comfortable. It is a full body massage that progresses from the feet leading to the face and scalp with various styles of movement. The Sen (energy lines) are the focus of the massage, stretching postures and gentle rocking can be incorporated. This sequence is to move blocked energy from the body and stimulate blood flow. The client is to focus on their body awareness during the passive yoga postures. The treatment can relax and energize fatigued and overworked bodies, aid in stress reduction and increase muscle mobility.

Thai massage can be beneficial to athletes, active people, those with desk jobs or repetitive motions, seniors or people with minor acute injury. Different adaptations are made for all body types. Mindful, slow, rhythmic movements with relaxed breathing combined with a calming atmosphere allow you to sink into this blissful technique. Comfortable, loose clothes are worn during the treatment.


 One hour (60 min) Relaxation section- $80, $90

A grounding session with focus on the feet, legs, hips, low back, arms, hands, neck, face and scalp.

Hour and a Half (90 min) Myofascial stretching and full body massage-$115
Movement along Sen lines of the legs, back, arms. Focus on sore or afflicted areas.

INFRA-RED SAUNA- 0-30 mins = $20, 30-60 min = $40

Clients who wish to have in home sessions will be determined by me, I do charge for drive time if you are outside Ottawa proper. 

I love this practice and want to share it with others. Please only contact me in you are serious about massage.

What are the benefits of using an infrared sauna? better sleep. relaxation. detoxification. weight loss. relief from sore muscles. relief from joint pain such as arthritis. clear and tighter skin. improved circulation.