BARE BLISS Yoga Classes

Group Yoga sessions for naturists

Upcoming dates are:

Wednesdays from 7:30-9 pm

Doors OPEN at 7:20pm and locked at 7:30pm, Class is $20 for a drop in or a class pass is available at $16/session.

Please email, text or FB to confirm attendance.

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Class Updates

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The advance price is offered to ONNO members or BARE Bliss members ONLY (use code BLISS19 to redeem)

1. Table Massage and Self Care January 27th 1pm-4pm  
This workshop is led by RMT Jeremy and Sarah Atkinson YTT       

The cost is  $40 (per pair) in advance and $50 after the 15th of January

contact for any questions and to register

If you are seeking to improve your knowledge of massage technique and repertoire this is the perfect workshop for you.  Signing up as a pair is recommended but not mandatory.  I will make a wait list for people willing to pair with another guest.  Having your own table is best but if you do not we can try to arrange one for you.  Limit of 10 pairs. List any food allergies with the registration as tea/coffee and a light snack will be served.

2. Partner Yoga and Thai Massage (non couples welcome) February 16th 1-4pm

This workshop is led by  YTT, Thai Masseuse and YTU Yoga Tune Up certified teacher Sarah Atkinson and Yoga Teacher Jessica Hoffort

This Valentine's Day, explore the gift of touch and presence at BARE Bliss's "Partner Yoga and Thai Massage" workshop.

I would like to offer a workshop designed to cultivate vulnerability and connection.  Keeping in the spirit of BARE Bliss community I want to create that space in our lives.  The first half of the workshop is how to tune in to your partner, sync your energy and then how flow through massage and yoga postures that maintain that connectedness.  Jessica is leading us through a meditation and I will lead the Thai Massage portion.  I am welcoming non romantic partners as well as singles to sign up and a chance to be paired with another guest.  Please bring a double sheet or larger, a blanket, a pillow and a yoga mat.   

The cost is  $40 in advance and $50 after February 1st

Contact for any questions and to register

Limit of 10 pairs. List any food allergies with the registration as tea/coffee and a light snack will be served.

3. Nutrition and Tummy LOVE seminar March 24th 2-5pm

This Workshop is led by YTU Yoga Tune Up certified Teacher Sarah Atkinson and Lifestyle Management Coach and life-long health enthusiast Ivan Petrov 

The cost is $30 Advance and $45 after March 1st

If you have struggled with FAD diets, digestion issues or just feel disconnected to your core this workshop will reignite your fire.  Ivan is going to break down for us what the science behind the HIGH Fat LOW Sugar diet is, how to incorporate that in your weekly shopping and a great snack recipe that you can take home with you.  I will lead the section on abdominal rolling and the importance of movement to maintain optimal health.  We will have the seminar, a quick break, some rolling followed by a healthy snack and then a Q and A.  

Contact for any questions and to register

Ivan's contact info is: Call, text 613-355-9090 or email 

Register with the following  questions answered:

  1. Any      health conditions/ current medications
  2. What      is your primary health goal
  3. List      any food allergies with the registration as tea/coffee and a light snack      will be served.
  4. If      you want your email added to Ivans list to receive more information about      his ebook and program 

“Ivan Petrov is a lifestyle manager and a life-long health enthusiast. He gently but firmly guides his clients towards various life goals from health and fitness to small business. Ivan uses his background in medicinal chemistry to educate others on topics related to nutrition and fitness in a simple non-technical format.”

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