Warwick Fulke

 “After one session my body and mind felt grounded, It was the most unqiue, relaxing and painless massage experience I have ever received, as a competitive combative athlete I do inflict quite a considerable amount of damage to my body but once our session was conplete, my mobility had increased my pain had been reduced and I felt refreshed, highly tuned in with the earth and my seroundings. I highly recommend this style of massage therapy to everyone. It will enhance your quality of life.


 ”Thank you, Sarah, for the profound experience of your Thai massage last week. I felt supple and opened up both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend your services to others who may be missing the gift. Warm hugs for you and best wishes for your endeavors and prosperity.” 


 ”Fantastic! During the massage my whole body feels relaxed and all the tension in my muscles disappears. I always feel so much better after one of her massages. I really enjoy Sarah’s energy, it is really calming and brings about levels of meditation and serenity that I never find time for in my normal day to day life. I highly recommend to anyone for whatever your pains are and they will be less after a session! ” 

Gerry Thauvette

 "My wife and I took the Thai massage course and were very pleased. It was very different from other massage types and both therapeutic and relaxing. Sarah is an excellent instructor and is very knowledgable and patient. "

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Ed Simon

 "I have been taking yoga classes with Sarah for a few years now and have been deeply impressed and appreciative of her superb knowledge and excellent instruction around healing various physical issues that arise. Sarah is a wonderfully warm and vibrant person; I am very happy to recommend her."